An Initiate of Virtual Fair Money Token Group

With an initiative to create crypto acceptability as a 100% payment option gradually for crypto-enthusiasts across the globe.


Our Mission

Virtual Fair Money Tokens aims in ensuring an ecosystem for business finance applications built through a solid combination of unmatched strength, transparency and reliable security.


Our Vision

We aim to create a unique market for crypto-enthusiasts with VFM decentralized token designed to cater into the daily needs related to financial transactions.

Virtual Fair Money Features

Robust and Seamless for Easy
Decentralized Transactions

  • Exchangeability and transfer of cryptocurrency.
  • Hassle-free payments through our global networks.
  • Person-to-person decentralized transactions.
  • Transactions in all walks of life.
  • Loyalty and reward programs.

VFM Ecosystem

Virtual Fair Money Token is the product and service of Virtual Fair Money Group. Built on the protocols of Binance Blockchain, this BEP20 token is focused on providing a secure ecosystem for all business transactions related to cryptocurrency. With the ultimate agenda to ensure a seamless ecosystem for crypto transactions, Virtual Fair Money Token is focused to reach global heights through maximized worldwide circulations.

Being a solid combination of advanced Blockchain Technology, VFM is the best-in-class asset built for an advanced decentralized ecosystem. Limiting crypto-market volatility, we aim to introduce awesome eco dApps that create may bring huge economy and stability for our Virtual Fair Money Token users.

All About VFM

Benefits of using VFM


A Foundation

Virtual Fair Money is a foundation which has introduced this utility token with a vision to build an ecosystem for crypto-enthusiasts to make easy decentralized transactions across the globe.


Multi-language Support

Being focused to bring the worldwide crypto-enthusiasts within a network, we provide multi-language support for all our users assuring the best-in-class customer support service.


Multi-currency exchange

Not just one, you’ll have multiple currency exchange options on our platform. Choose what you’re looking for; we’re here to provide you umpteen number of suitable possibilities.


Global Money Transfers

With the sole agenda to make VFM a global currency, we have established networks for easy and secure decentralized payments across the globe. We understand what you’re looking for.


Digital Wallet

If you’re in a doubt of how secure is your funds, we’re here to announce about our digital wallets. With easy deposits and withdrawals, with each transactions monitored and store, you get the best for your funds.


Mobile Financial System

Not just on your computer or your phone, you can access your funds wherever and whenever you need. Limiting accessibility restrictions, we have set our bar high with our secure mobile financial system.


Virtual Fair Money Token Goals

We’ve set our goals to build our VFM Ecosystem. A network for all our users to have a secure ecosystem for all their decentralized transactions. Let’s have a clear look into our goals.

  • VFM creates crypto acceptability as a 100% payment method; gradually for who are interested to accept crypto payments

  • VFM always try to limit the price volatility of the crypto market.

  • VFM aims to create a unique market to protect and reduce the losses often faced during crypto volatility.

  • We may cover multiple tokens/coins which are utility based in real or virtual entity. VFM welcomes them for decentralized partnership by enabling token pairs.

  • VFM will play vital role in maximizing crypto utility

  • VFM is going to introduce awesome eco dApps that may create huge economy for our VFM token users

  • VFM will attract several cryptos for decentralized collaboration

  • VFM aims to launch a trading platform with the VFM-based market in close collaboration with the other main base markets.

We Value Your Queries

Frequently Asked Questions

Built on BEP20, VFM is a utility token which helps the network users to creates great accessibility towards building a secure and transparent ecosystem powered by Blockchain.

Virtual Fair Money has set a few goals to reach and the launch of VFM Token is just the first step towards it. We have aims to help reach the token a global stature and to be accepted as a common and popular option to worldwide transactions.

Look through our detailed distribution plan as given on our web page. You may also look through our whitepaper to have a detailed overview of our distribution plan setting the best for the associated users of our platform.

Anyone, who has an idea of how cryptocurrency work and understands the core-ideologies of the decentralized ecosystem are welcome to join our network. Use your email and password and you’re good to go with VFM.

Blockchain networks which offer maximized transparency and security to funds; followed by providing an opportunity to not be governed by any centralized authority are defined as the decentralized networks. Control your decisions and feel the power of owning your money is what defines the concept of decentralization.

Mail us or reach us through any of our given social media channels, we’re happy to provide you the best assistance for your account and any related queries.


Our ICO Distribution

Total supply 1122000 VFM Tokens.

Our ICO Distribution

  • Total supply
    1122000 VFM Tokens.
  • ICO sale
    100000 VFM Tokens.
  • Daily Distribution upto 700000 VFM Tokens -
    900 VFM Token
  • Liquidity Providers will receive -
    400 VFM Tokens
  • Stake Holders will receive –
    400 VFM Tokens
  • Charity & Social Upliftment –
    100 VFM Tokens
  • Virtual Fair Money Team –
    100000 VFM Tokens
  • Balance on (Hold) –
    222000 VFM Tokens